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Add filters on the External Sharing page in Account Settings

Issue : I need to find a presentation so that I can stop sharing the webpage. At this time when I go into the Menu: Account > External Sharing, I see a 25+ presentations per page with a total of 50 pages. The presentations are not sorted alphab...
Mike Jacobson 12 months ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Add Notebook Navigation Pane with direct links to each page for non-linear navigation

Please add a navigation pane to notebooks with an ordered list of slide/page name links for quick back and forth navigation. It it is easy to get lost in a large notebook, and having to page back and forth through ten or twenty screens just becaus...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Presentations 4 Shipped

Make URL fields clickable within views and notebooks

I've added a few links into our Feature object to track specs/mocks etc. Great that they're click-able from the page-layout - but I'd like to see this clickable from list views and notebooks. As an example, I've been adding some views into a noteb...
Steven Kaplan about 8 years ago in Presentations 8 Shipped

Improve the load time when loading Notebooks

Notebooks can be slow at times when updating or when rendering in a browser. An Improvement in this would be great.
Andrew Brooks over 5 years ago in Presentations 0 Shipped

Presentation - In Place View Copy

Solution First, problem definition after Proposed Short Cut: When you are in a presentation and click on a view you access the “Edit View” Button. I propose a new button next to it called “Copy View”. It brings up the “Save View” menu directly (us...
Frank Fuchs almost 2 years ago in Presentations 3 Shipped

Allow admin users to see all notebooks

There needs to be a mechanism for admin users to audit existing notebooks. 1) If a user leaves the organization and had created a notebook there is no way for the organization to know the notebook exists. The user could then have access via the n...
Danny Archer over 8 years ago in Presentations 2 Shipped

Option to exclude images thumbnails from notebooks

When generating notebooks with embedded images, the notebook shows thumbnails of these images at the bottom of the pages. As the images are already displayed on the pages.....the thumbnails are a bit of overkill and have no purpose at the bottom o...
Guest over 8 years ago in Presentations 2 Shipped

Ability to create customer Journey maps

Improved customer experience
Guest about 4 years ago in Presentations 1 Shipped

Auto-refresh notebooks

We have been using notebooks to communicate roadmaps for various groups. Since there are multiple users working on different aspects of the product roadmaps it's difficult to make sure each update is actually published (notebook has to be refreshe...
Guest over 9 years ago in Presentations 3 Shipped

Allow user to advance presentation with Click or Swipe

I am training Business partners on how to advance presentation pages, and finding that it isn't intuitive for them to click the > in the lower left corner of the page. I would like the page to advance any time the user Clicks on the screen. Eve...
Cathy Sherwin almost 8 years ago in Presentations 2 Shipped