Add Notebook Navigation Pane with direct links to each page for non-linear navigation

Please add a navigation pane to notebooks with an ordered list of slide/page name links for quick back and forth navigation. It it is easy to get lost in a large notebook, and having to page back and forth through ten or twenty screens just because the notebook maker decided to order it that way is very frustrating (plus, I get dizzy with all the spinning. it would be nice if we could disable that on each notebook).

A vertical navigation pane on left would be a good approach because it would also take up some space so the rest of the screen is not so spread-out on the large monitors most of us have now. A vertical navigation pane would basically not take up any space at all.

  • Derek Bambach
  • Jun 19 2015
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  • Avigail Ehrenhaus commented
    December 30, 2015 18:46

    I agree that notebook navigation can be improved.  As we have recently started using notebooks, I have been demo'ing the functionality to end users in my company.  Not a single person figured out right away that the arrow on the bottom was how they get to the next screen.  Almost every user showed initial confusion. Some figured it out eventually, but most had to be shown.  Most of our notebook users do not have access to the Aha tool.

  • Guest commented
    March 07, 2016 23:09

    Avigail, I feel your pain, I actually make the subtitle of all my notebooks "Use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to navigate through the document" for exactly that reason. 

  • Andrew Darrant commented
    June 13, 2016 11:34

    Would be really useful for long reports - web version is a bit much at the moment

  • Peter Marshall commented
    August 05, 2016 17:50

    Yep.  I've tried making smaller notebooks so they are easier to navigate, but then the recipients have to keep track of which notebook to go to.  In our workflow it would be much better to have single big notebook for each release with the various users able to navigate directly to the sections they care about.