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Allow Gantt chart to nest Epics and Features underneath your release bars

When viewing a Gantt chart, I find it useful to have all of my various epics and their associated features nested underneath each release bar they are associated with. This goes from the highest level down to the most granular: Release > Epic &...
Guest about 2 years ago in Reports 4 Future consideration

Labels on charts should text-wrap

I never use Aha charts in our internal reports because the labels display poorly. It's a shame, because it prevents our org from more fully adopting Aha. I export everything to do reporting in a Spreadsheet simply because the labels are unhelpful ...
Guest 4 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

hide filters when presenting a report during a meeting

We would love a feature to hide the filters or perhaps a full screen mode to maximize real-estate of the data in the report while we are presenting in a meeting
Kim Heuer 8 months ago in Reports 2 Future consideration

Add a confirmation modal when clicking on sort on the prioritization view

It is very easy to accidentally click on the sort button on the prioritization view. Please add a confirmation modal so that I as a user can confirm that I would like my records to be reprioritized.
Chrissi Bernardo 26 days ago in Reports 0 Likely to implement

Ability to hide or show a workspace parking lot in a pivot table report.

Our team uses pivot table reports shared through the webpage URL capability to provide senior leadership with a view of what's coming. Parking lot items are not ready for that level of review, but we are unable to 'hide' or even label the parking ...
Guest 27 days ago in Reports 1 Already exists

Ability to filter and sort on estimates field

Estimations is an important factor in our prioritization and decision process and a weak point right now in Aha! Right now Aha! surprisingly does not allow to build a simple list report that could show all initiatives/epics/features with no estima...
Cyril Bousquet over 2 years ago in Capacity planning / Reports 8 Likely to implement

Keep all classic charting capabilities in the new chart experience

The "enhanced" charting capabilities that are about to be rolled out don't include a lot of the basic functionality included in the current classic charts view. Please keep the baseline functionality the same with the new experience. For example, ...
Laura Spohn almost 2 years ago in Reports 4 Likely to implement

Field "Release date (external)" formatting not applied on charts

When setting specific formatting for the "Release date (external)" field, formatting isn't maintained. 1. Set the formatting for "Release date (external)" as follows: 2. Create a release bar chart that uses "Release date (external)" field 3. Notic...
Moustafa Aly 2 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration
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Ability to edit font type and size

Would like to be able to increase or decrease size of font without having to use the Paragraph to choose headers. Use cases: When presenting to an audience on a projector, the font is too small on the Features Detail screen. Zooming in via the bro...
Guest over 8 years ago in Presentations / Reports 26 Future consideration

Connected Tableau with Aha! for external reporting

As Aha! reporting features are not advanced / flexible enough to meet all our data analysis requirements, it'll help if it is possible to connect Tableau with Aha! directly so that we could handle the analysis by ourselves. More importantly, Tabl...
Ping Wang about 5 years ago in Reports 3 Unlikely to implement