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Idea Statuses Not Sorted in Proper Sequence in Pivot Report

When adding Feature Status as a field to a Pivot Report as either a Pivot Row or Pivot column, they will automatically sort in the same sequence in which they are sorted in their setup (i.e. Under Consideration -> In Dev -> Shipped). So, it ...
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Report and Notebook 'Dashboard' Needed

As we are building more and more reports across teams and product/product lines, the 'Shared Report' section is getting quite messy and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which report is which with nothing to go on but the name. This is...
Joe Carpenter over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Pivot Table: Count zero when no associated records

When I create a pivot table and ask that it count the number of records I want to know which rows don't have any associated records. For example, I created a pivot table with product and release, I then wanted to count the number of features assoc...
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Provide a unified view for rolling up estimates by assignee when using a combination of Features and Requirements for estimating and assigning tasks

Use case: While features are used for assigning and estimating some work that needs to be done, there are other features that need to have the work split across different developers and also have different estimates. The approach for doing this is...
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Headers on pivot tables

We love the new pivot reports! But we'd love them even more if we had headers on them so that other folks looking at them can make sense of what they are looking at.
Guest over 8 years ago in Reports 0 Shipped

Add a "Save as" option for reports

Please add a "SAVE AS" option to pivots and lists. I normally will open a saved view, or start from wherever I left last time. Then I make some changes to the view and want to save it as a new view. To do this, I have to Copy it, then Edit it, whi...
Jonathon Leeke over 8 years ago in Reports 1 Shipped

"__ Last status change" in reports

There is an option for Feature last status change - everything that has a status should be able to report on last status change. Ideas, Releases, Requirements, (To-dos) all have statuses but no value in reports for last status change. It would ...
Danny Archer almost 9 years ago in Reports 7 Shipped

Reports - Timeline: From/To Duration Selection pick to date based on shipped

When I'm configuring my timeline it would be nice to select either the 'Released on Date' OR 'External Release Date' in the two field. It's often that the release will ship either before or after the scheduled release date and I'd like to be able ...
Guest almost 9 years ago in Reports 2 Shipped

Add 'Shipped On' Date to fields in Reports

When creating a list report or a pivot, I need the ability to show the 'Shipped On' date in a release. The external dates and project dates aren't quite good enough when I want to display the difference between planned vs actual.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Reports 5 Shipped
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Allow Sorting Rows/Columns in the Pivot Table

Currently, the Pivot Table does not allow sorting column and row headings - everything is sorted in ascending order. We should use the same tech for sorting cell contents to allow sorting row and column headings.
Alex Bartlow almost 9 years ago in Reports 17 Shipped