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Ideas portal: Allow regular fields to show on Ideas portal as feedback to submitter

Adding Custom Fields to the Ideas Portal is really neat. A user submits an idea through the Portal and Product Management promotes the idea to a Feature and schedules it in a release. At this point all the user can tell from the Ideas Portal is th...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas / Ideas portal 18 Shipped

Promote an Idea to a Release

The current functionality to promote an idea to either a feature or an initiative is fantastic but there is a use-case for when promoting ideas to releases would be extremely useful. Marketing teams will often create an ideas portal in order to c...
Justin Woods over 7 years ago in Ideas 22 Shipped

Bug: Fullscreen view of Description

When I try to view the description of an idea in fullscreen mode, it doesn't render at all. Not sure how to explain it so I attached screenshots. This occurred when looking at the record in "popout" mode. After I switched to the "detail" view (whe...
Tom Beck over 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

Ability to add in a static table into an Ideas portal

It would be useful if we could define a table within an Ideas portal field that the user could fill in to be submitted as (other information) along with the rest of the ideas fields. This would make our handling of more complex suggestions easier...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 2 Shipped

Filter Reports on Scorecard Metrics

You cannot filter the list of Features or Ideas by a custom scorecard metric. This would be useful to create a custom view that shows the priority based for ideas with certain custom metric values.
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped
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Promote an idea to a feature requirement

We receive a number of ideas that are different enhancements to the same product element or function. I typically create a single feature to improve the functionality of X and the various ideas become requirements of the feature. It would save tim...
Karen Wittenberg over 7 years ago in Ideas 39 Shipped

Ability to import idea with created date

As a product manager, I want to be able to import my ideas and have them accurately represent their history, so I'd like to be able to include the created date in the import. I am currently not able to import an idea with a created date, so all i...
Scott Goldblatt over 7 years ago in Ideas 4 Shipped

Idea Portal: Filter should not be removed when I switch between Recent, Trending and Popular

Problem:Whenever I switch between Recent, Trending and Popular I lose my selected focus (filter). Solution:Do not remove the selected filter until I click on the remove button ("X").
Gergo Navratyil over 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

Retrieve an Idea's public comments via API

Currently, only private comments for an idea can be retrieved via the REST API. Ability to get public comments would be beneficial for custom data integrations.
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Allow idea portals to be separate from IP access control

For the enterprise large company use case where they wish to have a public Ideas portal but otherwise lock down Aha! access (including notebooks) via IP.
Donna Sawyer over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped