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Created on Nov 4, 2016

Ability to add in a static table into an Ideas portal

It would be useful if we could define a table within an Ideas portal field that the user could fill in to be submitted as (other information) along with the rest of the ideas fields.

This would make our handling of more complex suggestions easier instead of having a huge amount of fields within the ideas portal it would me awe have several main fields with one for the extra additional information...

    Mar 29, 2024

    This is now possible using an idea description template in the idea status workflow.

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  • Jon Ragsdale
    Oct 19, 2021

    I would also add that if this option was added, it wouldn't necessarily be a static table. We would want our users to be able to add rows to a table with specific column headers. For example, if a user had a "use case" table, they could add a row for each new use case.

    Ideally, if added, this feature would also give the admin the ability to add custom fields in each column of the row. For example, perhaps one column has a dropdown with multiple options instead of them all being free text fields.

  • Chris Brooks
    Sep 7, 2020

    Understand the Admin response, however capturing 8 rows of data with 5-6 columns gets pretty ugly on a portal that only allows vertical visualisation options