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Integrate Aha! with online collaboration/mindmapping tool

Integrate Aha! with online collaboration/mindmapping tool. For example: Miro, lucidchart, whimsical, etc
Kote Khutsishvili about 4 years ago in Ideas 3 Shipped

Allow setting a default idea prioritization saved view

Our team is using the Idea Prioritization view for our workspace. Each person has a different view so if I update an idea to be top prioritization only I can see the rank change. For others, the idea remains in the original spot. As a workaround I...
Guest 8 months ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

Enable Salesforce opportunity status as a data field, column and filter in Aha views and reports and within the idea card.

As we look at Aha ideas created in Salesforce, the opportunity status field is missing. This piece of information is critical, as the value of the idea changes dramatically based on opportunity status. Think about the different priority for a requ...
Giuseppe Salvato about 6 years ago in Ideas 2 Shipped

GDPR Compliance in Ideas Portal

Under GDPR rules we need to be able to capture "Consent" for the holding of personally identifiable data. As we are able to hold Name and Email addresses, this constitutes PII. As part of the portal therefore we need: 1) the ability to add a cons...
Ben Bishop about 6 years ago in Ideas 7 Shipped

Ideas should have required custom fields

We use our idea portal internally in our organization to collect and track one-off feature requests that aren't part of a larger project. I have a "severity" custom field in this Idea portal and I would like to make it required input for my users,...
Jason Novek over 8 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Ability to stack rank ideas

While the scoring mechanism for ideas is helpful, we would also like the ability to rank order the list of potential ideas as we work them through high-level design. Essentially, have the drag-and-drop capability for ideas that exists on features.
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 3 Shipped

Add 'bottom section' to idea (within Aha) layout

At present, you only have a top section option for the layout of ideas within Aha. We use these fields for collecting a bunch of detail through the idea portal, but it's difficult to read within aha because on the details page it's all squished d...
Ida van Jaarsveld over 5 years ago in Ideas 1 Shipped

Use Idea "Portal Title" field as the browser tab name for the Ideas Portal

It's a minor point for sure, but I've noted as I'm rolling out ideas portal first internally to employees only that our ideal portal (which will forever be separate from customer portals) has a tab title of "%CompanyName% Customer Feedback" and th...
Dan Molloy almost 8 years ago in Ideas 0 Shipped

Provide the option to generate weekly vote count report for ideas

It would be pretty useful to have an option to generate a total vote count report for each idea received in a particular time frame (weekly, monthly, etc.) through the idea portal.
Guest about 8 years ago in Ideas 4 Shipped

The new UI of the Aha scorecard is truncating the numbers, can't see more than 4 digit

The current behavior for the entries on the scorecard is that up to 4 digits will be displayed, including any prefixes. the scorecard support entering more digits but the display is not showing them, basically a bug, but was asked to open an Idea.
Vered Yosub over 1 year ago in Ideas 0 Shipped