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Created by Anna Bittencourt
Created on Mar 8, 2021

Bulk edit Organizations

I upload a data base with more than 2000+ clients to the organization feature in Aha. But as the name it's not standardized and does not match the Salesforce account name, I want to delete them all and submit it again.

But there's not a bulk edit action, so I'll have to delete all the 2000+ organizations one by one.

    Nov 29, 2023

    An organization list report can be exported to csv, including the organization id, name, and any custom fields. Edit the organizations in the csv and then use the csv import tool to update them in Aha! or use the Salesforce integration to automatically create and sync accounts to Aha! organizations.

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  • Angela Frey
    Nov 21, 2023

    You can create a report to list organizations and then use the report bulk edit to delete the orgs (see screenshots).

    I would also like to see the bulk edit option on the org page itself (, the "create report" flow is clunky and unintuitive.

    Note, I also found it useful to export the orgs from the report view so that I had a list of the Aha Org IDs with the "dirty" names, clean up the org names in Excel, and re-import using the Aha Org ID as the key identifier. If you can use the Aha Org ID as the key identifier, the import updates the other org values.

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  • Ali Tarek
    Oct 17, 2022

    I have the same exact issue, any updates about this?

  • Guest
    Jun 21, 2021

    I added about 4000 during my testing to ensure I understood how the portal worked and find myself in the same boat.

  • Ron Yang
    Mar 9, 2021

    Thanks for reaching out. I've passed along your request to our Customer Success team who should be able to help you with the request.


Bulk edit organizations from the organization page

Who would benefit? admins What impact would it make? streamline org management, reduce headache and enable cleaner data How should it work? just need bulk edit button on the org page, such as
Angela Frey 5 months ago in User management 1 Shipped