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Ideas promoted to Features should be updated when information is updated in the Feature

The integration between Aha and TFS is on the Feature. So first an Idea has to be promoted to Feature, and then the Feature pushed to TFS. When the item is updated in TFS that information flows back to the Feature in Aha, but it would be nice if t...
cheryl fetchko over 8 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Private Portal End User Signup - notify Admin to authorize the account if not partner/employee

When using a private portal the "end user" can attempt to create an account on there own. If the end users company is setup up as a partner or employee they can proceed to auto-register on the portal. However, if they are not set up the system let...
Stephen Morse over 5 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Idea Score Disappeared

In my Idea list I can see a score but when I click on the score all of the scores on the scorecard are 0. This is not true for all ideas but I can't determine why some do and some do not. If this is not the correct channel to send defects or suppo...
Guest over 5 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

I would like the ability to link an idea to multiple products

I would like to use one portal to manage a line of products. The ideas could be useful in multiple products.
Chris Meseke over 8 years ago in Ideas 2 Already exists

Sort by when an idea was last voted on or commented on

If you only have a little time I think it´s useful to review the most recently created, commented on or voted on ideas first since those are likely to be fresh in users minds.
Tobias Lehtipalo almost 6 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Read Only access

It would be really good to be able to setup a user with read only access to ideas, so that they are able to view ideas that are being submitted, without having the ability to edit / manage them.
Guest about 3 years ago in Ideas 2 Already exists

One collective Ideas portal rather than segmented by product

Hi! I'd like to see all ideas submitted in all the product-specific portals in one place to get a high-level view of which products are generating the most ideas and take a look at all of my customer feedback more broadly. Currently each product h...
Guest about 6 years ago in Ideas 0 Already exists

Login challenge for private ideas link when not logged in

When a partner portal user receives an update email and clicks the direct link for a private idea in a portal, the user gets a message saying "The record you are looking for does not exist..." if that user is not already logged in. The message is ...
Guest about 6 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists

Notify Idea Submitters that their Idea has been Turned Into a Feature. Notify a second Time when that idea has been released

There is no transparency for submitting ideas and watching them be pushed to production for non developer folks. If someone submits an idea they should be notified when: It is converted to a Feature It receives the status "will not implement" ...
Max Chanoch over 9 years ago in Ideas 6 Already exists

Make it so that poxy voting on an idea does not create a repeat line in a report

This artifically inflates the number of ideas we need to work through, and does not give us an accurate picture of the number of suggestions we have.
Guest about 3 years ago in Ideas 1 Already exists