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Created on Oct 20, 2022

Allow to pull product value from feature board to idea board

Our team has been heavily using the feature board and has been placing any backlog items/ideas into the parking lot. We are now expanding our use of Aha and want to use the Idea board. So transferring all of the ideas with all of their information and removing them from the parking lot will help us prioritize the ideas board before moving to the feature board. This should be a one-time effort, however there could be one-off cases in the future. To do this effort one time will require a lot of referencing back and forth between the boards.

    Oct 20, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. There are a couple options that should help:

    1. For each feature, click More options (...) > Create related idea. This will create an idea with the same name and description as the feature. Note, this will not carry over custom field values.

    2. Export a list of features to CSV and then import them as ideas. This will allow you to map any values, such as custom fields, when importing the ideas. This article covers CSV import in more detail.

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