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Password Protected Feedback Boards

We're regular users of Feature Upvote where we can set a password for our Feedback board, and users must input it to access our boards. They can then post/comment by just inputting their email and username. This works well for us because we're lim...
Guest 8 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Auto-rank new ideas

Currently, when viewing unranked ideas and clicking the "move x records" button, ideas are automatically ranked last even if they have a product value higher than the lowest-ranked idea. Ideally, the system would consider product value and then pl...
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

single idea portal inside of Aha

Within our organization, we like to funnel all idea intake into a single portal so we can manage appropriately before handing off to a product team. Right now when you create a new idea within Aha directly, it allows you to choose from any workspa...
Erika Green 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

When creating a new Ideas record, you cannot add new Tags values like you can in the same field on the edit screen

When working with Ideas directly in Aha! (not via the Ideas portal) there is a discrepancy with how the Tags field works. On the Create ideas form, the Tags field does not allow you to add new values (see attached Create Idea Tags field no results...
John Gartner-Baca 9 months ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration

Dashboards need a diet

There is a lot of whitespaces between panels or around charts in ideas. The pie chart is half-the possible size of the panel.
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Idea Dashboard filters need time

I would like to be able to have all panels on a dashboard to be able to provide ideas in the last 30 days, or last quarter, this week.
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Idea Categories need color capabilities

Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Auto Copy Roadmap Record to Admin Response Upon Work Completion

Our development teams document release note information in Jira. We can pull information from Jira into Roadmaps but we need the ability to automatically copy the release note information to a idea as an Admin Response.
Tom G 10 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Ability to edit default terminology in report column headers

The default terminology of column headers of reports is not always explicitly clear on what it represents, which leads to confusion both internally and with customers when these report are shared out. As an example, clicking on an Organization pro...
Jeff Shaffer 10 months ago in Ideas 4 Future consideration

Remember last setting for internal vs. portal comments for ideas

I generally prefer to view and leave internal comments on ideas, but it keeps defaulting to the public portal comments. It would be nice if it remembered the last setting I used so that the next time I view an idea, it shows the internal comments.
Percy Hanna 10 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration