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Bulk Merge of Ideas

When there are multiple-->multiple ideas that need to merge, such as when you do a search of ideas and many of them can be merged to a single original idea of the same when ideas are coming from multiple sources
Guest about 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Automatic reminders to Idea Submitters who have Ideas "kicked back" to them

When reviewing Ideas, our team sometimes "kicks back" an Idea with the status "Needs More Information from Requester" while also including necessary comments in the Comments box. We often have to follow up with these submitters but reviewing them ...
Paolo Espanola about 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Add additional section to Idea custom field layout.

I want Aha! to be my single source of truth for information I collect on ideas so I add fields like "business opportunity" and "MVP" and "What if we didn't work on this" as custom fields to my ideas. When I look at the detail view of an idea, howe...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 3 Future consideration

Additional variables to use on idea portal email templates

The ability to create email templates for thank you, status change, admin response and new comment events is really powerful but it would be great if some additional variables could be brought out to personalise the experience even further. So far...
Justin Woods over 7 years ago in Ideas 6 Future consideration

Ability to Close Comments on Idea After Being Promoted to User Story/Feature

We are encountering a business problem between our idea intake management, and promoting to a user story / feature where as comments made on the intake idea potentially impact an already promoted user story. This can take the form of additional ch...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

While merging ideas, do not show already show already merged ideas in the search

When I am using the search to find an idea to merge the current idea to, it is showing me both merged and unmerged ideas. The whole point of merging is to combine all the similar ideas to see it in one place. If i'm merging to something that is al...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 5 Future consideration

Categories of moved ideas

When an idea is moved from one product to another, category selections should be translated to the new product. I needed to move some ideas to a new product today and I ensured that the categories of both products matched. After moving the ideas, ...
Tom Beck over 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

NEXT Idea, Previous Idea or Feature

As an admin - when I am going through the Ideas, I like to work in the "Details" View. I would like the capability to go to the Next or Previous Idea without getting out of the details view. OR provide the capability similar to the concept of the ...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Add row number on idea list so we can determine quickly which number the idea is in priority

We currently have to count the number of rows. It'd be nice if that was just listed on the left as an optional column to add or remove.
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Idea System Scorecard field values promote to an Initiative Scorecard Custom Field

Promoting Ideas to Features will populate the Feature system scorecard field with the idea scorecard values as long as both the Idea and Feature are using the same custom scorecard. The desire is for the same behavior when promoting ideas to init...
Matt Case over 7 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration