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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 17, 2016

show names for votes not photos

users rarely have cute picture for their user photo

when i look at who voted on an idea all i see is the same default user icon repeated many times, it looks like the unabomber voted for an idea 8 times

the names are there, but i have to hover over.. and hover over is awful/nonexistent on mobile devices

can you please just show names instead of photos? really don't care about the photos, this aint facebook

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  • Kaitlyn Moore
    Feb 23, 2021

    We've started using Proxy votes as a way to track how many clients (proxy vote org) need a feature, and then can use the vote count to prioritize the idea list. our Client Engagement Managers (CEMs) only use the portal, so they need to see what other clients have asked for an idea so either a) they don't double enter a proxy vote, or b) they can check with the other CEMs who voted to compare use cases and see if it's a common enough idea

  • Edu Zarate
    Nov 22, 2020

    Surprised this ask has not received more attention.

    In B2B settings, an ideation user will be an individual with a business problem to solve and little time for anything other than adding and upvoting a few ideas. Most profile photos will remain empty. Not being able to understand who else is supporting my idea reduces the incentives for transparency and collaboration.

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Display voters names on idea portal

Currently only the user's picture is displayed under the voters list on an idea in the portal - if it's a blank photo, you can't tell who voted from the portal view.
Guest over 7 years ago in Voting 0 Future consideration

In Ideas - display the votes with the user's name, rather than just their photo

What is the challenge? When viewing votes on an item in Ideas, you only display the profile photo. This makes it difficult to see who is voting on this. What is the impact? It's hard to see who is upvoting the items Describe your idea Add name or ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Ideas portal 0 Future consideration