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Link Ideas created in the Aha! Ideas portal back to ZenDesk tickets

We use ZenDesk as our internal ticketing system and Aha! for everything product related. We love the integration with these two products that allows us to take a ZenDesk ticket and create an Aha! idea. However, there are times that our Customers c...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Hide Attachments in Ideas Portal

We would like an option in the settings to disable showing attachments in the Ideas portal. We attach items to the ideas (such as correspondence) etc.. that we don't necessarily want visible to the whole company. If we could turn this off at a sys...
Guest over 8 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Option so that Ideas submitted by public users aren't automatically visible to everyone

Registered Aha users can review the idea prior to making it entirely visible to the public on the public idea board.
Guest almost 9 years ago in Ideas 2 Unlikely to implement

Project management for property development

What is the challenge? Real Estate developers need to be masters of many domains. How would you solve it? bring together all your solutions with ease of access for different disciplines with templates What impact would it make? reduce application ...
Guest about 2 months ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Option to copy idea categories to Feature or User Story tags

Who would benefit? All users What impact would it make? Maintain consistency of labels of tags and categories between ideas, stories, and features. Tags already integrated with ADO. Will make filtering work in backlog more efficient. How should it...
Guest 5 months ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Bug? Promote to Feature, Delete, then can no longer Promote to Feature

Is the following a bug? Promoted an Idea to Feature, then (still) on Idea page, delete the promoted Feature. Now, can no longer Promote to a Feature, but promotion UI drop-down provides two options to promote to Epic.
Guest 10 months ago in Ideas 1 Unlikely to implement

Allow for estimates at Idea level

Why: Currently, ideas are only available at the Feature, Capability and Initiative level. We'd like to be able to tag teams for estimation earlier on before an idea is confirmed at a capability or feature level as roadmap worthy.
Karla Johnson over 2 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow estimates to be entered by Reviewers

Our company has the Enterprise+ license. From discussing in you Online Chat, I've been told it is not possible to have different users on different pricing plans. When Ideas are submitted, it is the development team that come up with either the T-...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Able to limit Initiative creation to just promotion from Ideas

The Ideas Portal is a great way to manage what gets onto our roadmap. Ideally, it would be great if we were only able to create initiatives when they are promoted from an idea. In other words, prevent the creation of an initiative in Aha! dir...
Guest over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow Ideas to convert to To-Do's

Ideas are one of the most useful features of Aha. You guys have the ability to both promote ideas, and then keep the idea linked to the resulting entity in Aha, so you can still view ideas separately from the promoted entities, and track if they a...
Guest over 4 years ago in Ideas 0 Unlikely to implement