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Support revenue as an automated scorecard metric

Who would benefit? Customers with Salesforce integrations using Ideas Advanced currently can understand the revenue and value associated with each idea. This is typically used with prioritization, so adding this as an available automated scorecard...
Max Robbins 4 months ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Aha Add a function to bulk import Idea prioritization in CSV and other formats

Who would benefit? PMs/POs/Stakeholders What impact would it make? It would encourage more use of the Idea Prioritization page. How should it work? Product Management can share the export in excel format and any changes made can then be completed ...
Noor Akhtar about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Import Ideas from JIRA

We have Improvement tickets in JIRA that we now (as new AHA users) want to migrate to ideas in JIRA. I have the JIRA integration created and would much prefer to import using the integration vs exporting tickets to CSV and then importing manually ...
Alex Horan over 6 years ago in Ideas 9 Future consideration

Ability to see feature & release information for a merged idea

Who would benefit? Folks using/viewing reports What impact would it make? Ability to see the feature & release information for an idea that was merged into another idea that does have feature & release information How should it work? If Id...
Guest 3 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Dashboards need a diet

There is a lot of whitespaces between panels or around charts in ideas. The pie chart is half-the possible size of the panel.
Guest 9 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Enable to use Created By in Automation for Ideas

Who would benefit? Administrators who are working on automations based on status. What impact would it make? It will help in automating assigned to whenever Ideas needs more information from creator. How should it work? An idea is submitted. Its a...
Shiv Shankar Vedharajan about 1 month ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration

Load Description Field Template when Promoting an Idea to Epic

When promoting an idea to an Epic (or feature), the Description Field template you have associated with the Epic workflow does not load automatically. This presents a problem in that you are allowing a way to create an Epic that bypasses the disci...
Peter Bongiorno almost 2 years ago in Ideas 1 Future consideration

Auto-increment tag when selected for a number attribute should disable Minimum, Maximum, and Decimal input by the user

Who would benefit? End User What impact would it make? Manage expectations on how autoincrement works How should it work? Autoincrement tag for a number attribute when selected by the user should autoincrement by 1 and lots of other options should...
Ratna Rajendran about 2 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

JIRA Service Desk Request to AHA Ideas

We have a central point of contact for users to get in touch with us. It is via JIRA Service Desk. To keep it central, but efficient, it will be good if a submission into JIRA Service desk can take a particular issue type and automatically submit ...
Guest over 7 years ago in Ideas 13 Future consideration

Rank Ideas by Organization

One of the most powerful (and fun!) exercises I perform with my stakeholders is to interactively ask (or force) them to rank ideas. Whilst many ideas can have a "must have" status, no two ideas can be top of the list. Oftentimes, the final rating ...
Joe Buehlmeyer almost 2 years ago in Ideas 2 Future consideration