Hide Idea Categories From Portals

We have two portals, one for internal users and one for customers. The customer portal only needs a simple list of categories - no children categories. The customer portal is submit only.

For the staff portal, after a product manager has looked at the idea, we may reassign the idea to a different category, which is usually a child of the parent category - this is to make it more specific internally, but we don't expect the users to go down to that detail.

Would it be possible for the idea category screen to have tickboxes to say what idea portal they appear in? Children would need to inherit a do not appear if it is disabled for the parent. This could be always display, unless its disabled. There is also cases where there are categories that an internal user would use, but a customer would not know what it was as they are never exposed to that item, so in this case, it would be best to hide it, to keep the list as concise as possible.

  • Matt Ratcliffe
  • Oct 14 2015
  • Future consideration
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