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Request for Workflow type board for Releases

We would like to see a kanban type board view for releases. The columns of the board would be used to represent status, and the cards themselves would be the release objects. This view is already available for Features, and we would like this styl...
Guest about 5 years ago in Releases 5 Future consideration

Add concept of sprints/iterations as child of releases

As a Product Manager, I am more concerned about when features will be launched & made available to end-users. The developers and engineers I work with are more concerned about what work they will need to complete in specific sprints or develop...
Guest about 5 years ago in Releases 4 Future consideration

Capability to identify that Release dates are still tentative

Currently both the Internal and External release date fields require date values (on setup/planning) which are then exposed to all viewers. The request is to include configuration options that would identify the dates as still tentative.
Guest over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Unlikely to implement

Option to clone release from release menu

Currently, if you want to clone a release, you have to start creating a new release and then find the release you are interested in cloning in a list. If you already have the release open, it would be helpful to have a 'Clone release' option in th...
Jonathan Steel over 5 years ago in Releases 1 Future consideration

Release - Details - milestones with reoccurring dates

I would like to make the milestone option more robust by giving users a reoccurring options. For example, I want to show a monthly blog being produced and I want to show that event as a milestone on my release plan. Much like scheduling reoccurrin...
Guest over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Show release status on Release Gantt view

We want to use release statuses to show if a release has a locked in launch date or is still in discovery/scoping. Currently we change the release status and it doesn't show anywhere. So what we have done to work around that is add an icon that sa...
Guest over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Add Template Functionality to Master Release

Would like to be able to create Master Release templates that would be applied to a "Master Release" such as at the Product Line level. The template would only apply to the Master Release NOT the Product releases under the master release; as asked...
Andrew Sweet over 5 years ago in Releases 1 Future consideration

Make Release Details page customizable or responsive to remove white space and improve UX

When you are on the Release Details page there is a lot of wasted space and it is difficult to see all of the information especially when using custom tables. Maximizing the space would reduce unnecessary scrolling on tables and improve the UX by ...
Rachel Collins over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration

Expand/Collapse Release View to include Requirements

It's critical for our teams to see Features AND Requirements on the Release (Overview/Details View). You should be able to continue expanding down the hierarchy from Epic > Release > Feature > Requirement all within the Gantt.
Guest over 5 years ago in Releases 7 Future consideration

Release attachments should be linked to a record in VSTS

like any other fields, the attachments on releases should be able to be pushed by Aha to VSTS as an attachment. We use release as an EPIC in VSTS so any release attachments should come to VSTS as EPIC attachment
Guest over 5 years ago in Releases 0 Future consideration