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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Erik Johnson
Created on Apr 25, 2019

Remove "Show/Hide Parking Lots" setting from Releases > Gantt view

The Releases Settings dropdown on Releases > Gantt includes two options: 

  1. Show/Hide Shipped releases
  2. Show/Hide Parking lots

Showing/Hiding shipped releases makes sense since a shipped release is date-bound, so a Gantt view can display it. But Show/Hide Parking lots does nothing, because PLs don't have release dates. 

These two options appear a couple other places in the product (reports, roadmaps) where they both affect the user's view, but in this case the parking lot option is a little weird to include. 

As a user, I would expect every setting option in a screen in Aha! to do something. Parking lot viewing will never do anything in a Gantt chart, so it will only confuse users. We should hide that option. 

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  • Susu A
    Oct 19, 2023

    I'm not sure what the best solution is but the problem I am trying to solve is that I want to show roadmap candidates as part of a roadmap or release view - without dates. In the power point days, this would be a time-bound roadmap for the more near term items that have dates associated to them, and then on the right side of the slide would be a bulleted list of potential "up next" items. No dates, just a ranked list.

  • Donald Hebert
    Oct 6, 2023

    Agreed with comments that Gantt View should be able to show Parking Lot items. Gantt view is a workhorse, and want to be able to move Parking Lot items into existing releases directly from that view.

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  • Jason Hollis
    Aug 8, 2023

    Unfortunatley my one and pretty much only complaint about Aha is its inability to assist with future (I don't know a lot yet) planning. It's great for near-term, but as soon as you need to do a 5 year plan for the execs accross 12 products (like I am doing now) Aha restrictions like "everything needs a release" and now with this issue, ie Aha can't show the parking lot in a Gantt Chart as parking lots don't have a release date, it just drives me spare. So much so I have reverted to Google Sheets which is of course the exact opposite of what the awesome team at Aha would want me to be doing.

    In other words, please allow parking lot releases in Gantt charts. It's your best planning tool where there are many products and dependancies, but you have so many restrictions it makes me want to change professions and plan something easier, like a new city ! :(

  • Michael Zaremba
    Mar 10, 2023

    i agree with Arun. it'd be better if show parking lot.. actually showed parking lot items instead of just removing the option all together.

  • Arun Raju
    May 28, 2021

    I would actually prefer that the "Show/Hid Parking lots" setting worked and when checked, it showed the parking lot items on the gantt chart. This will help me with visual management of parking lot items "horizontally" and not vertically which I can do from the Features Board.

  • Nadim Sobhani
    Oct 2, 2020

    Yes, I was confused why I chose "show parking lot" and nothing was happening.