Clone Product Releases

We have regular release pattern that applies to all our products (3 releases per year). We would like to have a roadmap for at least 6 future releases.

I had to recently introduce about 10 new products, and I had to 6 times manually clone a release from existing product so I could inherit all the phases and timelines. If that existing release already had some feature, I had to manually delete the cloned features - so I ended up preparing a set of dummy releases that had no features but correctly defined timelines.

What would be helpful:

Clone product functionality. User would select a product and initiate Clone Product process. User would choose which particular children / grandchildren would be cloned and which skipped. For example, I would want Releases, but not Features. Somebody might want Requirements, somebody else Ideas.

This would be a significant time saver and it would help us keep the data aligned.

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  • Apr 26 2019
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