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Ability to remove default release template

My PMs often forget to switch to their own template or insert no template and then have to delete each phase. It'd be easier if there was no template or the template they choose would be default.
Jaclyn Fine over 7 years ago in Releases 6 Shipped

Order of products when creating a new sub release

When I'm viewing the details of a master release I have the option to "Create New Sub Release". When I click on this option I'm presented with a list of products belonging to the selected product line. The order of the presented list of products f...
Guest over 7 years ago in Releases 0 Shipped
114 VOTE

Ability to add custom fields to the Release Phase view

In the context of a Launch Plan, Release phases can be used as work items, that together, make up the entire project plan, to come to a successful release. Examples of custom fields: a Release Phase can be assigned to a department and to an indivi...
Guest over 7 years ago in Releases 20 Shipped

Roadmap: Live update the gantt/timeline chart when dates are edited in the detail pane

Building out a release roadmap in the "Releases" view feels really slick ... at first. I quickly realized that dragging things around in the timeline to set the dates was too imprecise. The trouble is, editing the start/end date in the detail pane...
Guest over 7 years ago in Releases / Roadmaps 0 Shipped

Select All for master release sub releases

A select all option would be very helpful when creating a master release for a large number of products.
Danny Archer over 7 years ago in Releases 0 Shipped

Don't send email notifications when copying a release

As a Product Owner, when I copy a release and its included features and requirements that may have assignments, I want to be able to disable notifications for those copied features and requirements when creating them.
Scott Goldblatt almost 8 years ago in Releases 1 Shipped
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Support Release Notes

Given the astounding amount of work I've seen that goes into making Aha's own stellar release notes comprehensive, detailed, and rich with media, I thought first-class support for release notes might be a nice addition to our workflow–as well as o...
Christopher Keele almost 8 years ago in Releases 15 Shipped

Filter features displayed on the Gantt chart

Depending on the audience, we'd like to be able to filter to display different subsets of the features in a release on the release roadmap view. Currently, the filters only apply to entire releases and not the features contained within a release. ...
Oliver Kawwass about 8 years ago in Releases 11 Shipped

Need the ability to apply an updated Release Template to an existing release

Currently, the Release Template for Phases and Milestones only applies to new releases created and there is no way to apply a Release Template to an existing release, or to update an existing release with a new/updated Release Template. This would...
cheryl fetchko about 8 years ago in Releases / User story map 24 Shipped

Integrate Release View Dates to Google Calendar

Wrike has a great feature that allows me to integrate my project plan to Google Calendar, I can then use that calendar to schedule meetings. I'd love to be able to manage my release tasks in Aha and share that with Google Calendar so I can manage ...
Guest over 8 years ago in Releases 4 Shipped