Don't send email notifications when copying a release

As a Product Owner, when I copy a release and its included features and requirements that may have assignments, I want to be able to disable notifications for those copied features and requirements when creating them.

  • Scott Goldblatt
  • Jun 14 2016
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  • James Carter commented
    June 14, 2016 22:27

    This is a great idea.  The "Copy Release" function is by far the best way to backup or archive your information.  It creates a more robust copy than you can get by exporting and importing a CSV file.  Also, if you have alot of Requirements, exporting them and formatting them for re import is a headache.  

    Unfortunately the only thing that prevents using the "Copy Release" function for archiving or backup is the fact that it notifies everyone that is assigned to a Feature that they have been assigned a New Feature.  This creates enough confusion that it makes using it unworkable.

    With implementation of the "Copy Release" function, AHA is very close to having a tool that can be used to do proper administration to large product plans.  Please add an option to not notify, in order to make this function really useful.