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Customise epic and feature list columns on related tab for initiatives

It would be great if you could add additional columns / fields within the master feature and feature tables on the Initiative view. This way you could add items such as product, release date, release name etc to add additional visibility alongside...
Mark Evans about 5 years ago in Strategy 1 Future consideration

Add free-text, watchers, to-dos, and comments to Competitor page

Much like the Strategic Goals page, I would like to be able add free text, watchers, to-dos and comments on the Competitor homepage. This will enable me to push out new content via Watchers, and share with users which competitors are next on my li...
Julie Edwards over 5 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Have due dates for goals

I want to set a lot of goals for the product and the product team. I associate these with iniatibes, which are like company / product objectives. Iniatives can have dates (start & end), but Goals do not, just a text-based time frame. I wou...
Guest about 6 years ago in Strategy 1 Already exists

Support for roadmaps without timelines

My single biggest frustration with aha is that roadmaps can only exist if you use features and releases. I am trying to move away from planning like this and forge a more "lean" path where our roadmap is centred around problems we want to solve - ...
Kevin over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

Make goal status dependent on the status of its initiatives

Then, make initiatives status dependent on the status of its releases... This will just save us some time. When we change the status of a goal, this is based on the status of its associated initiatives. There will need to be some customisation a...
Alex BERRY over 6 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Enhance Initiatives Roadmap Functionality

As a Product Manager, I want the ability to show stakeholders a more robust roadmap so that I can show project plans at the epic/initiative level. Currently, this level of detail exists at the release level however, initiatives/epics often span re...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Strategy 0 Unlikely to implement

Themes for Goals

It would be helpful to be able to group goals both logically and visually by a theme, this would work very well with the OKR (Objective Key Results) style of goal setting.
Wayne Allan almost 7 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

As a product manager I'd like to also store decision logs I'm making in the tool

I'd like to store decision logs (beyond just the feature priority). It may be target markets, initial decisions that you want to store and map to a feature or initiative, whole bunch of things that are stored today in XLS And difficult to maintain...
Guest about 7 years ago in Strategy 0 Already exists

Option to change the order of the fields on the goals details page

The fixed order of fields on the goals details page enforces logic on the priority of those fields that doesn't match my workflow. For example, when operating at the product line level, the more important field is the Initiatives field, not the Co...
Guest about 7 years ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Have the Strategy --> Initiative screen map out the initiatives based on the Aha Scores of the features underneath it.

Currently the Strategy --> Initiative screen is totally manual. You just drag and drop initiatives to where you think they should go in terms of value and estimates and it totally does not take into account the value and effort estimates that a...
Guest over 7 years ago in Strategy 2 Unlikely to implement