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Categories Strategy
Created by Ross Reynolds (External)
Created on Apr 29, 2015

Make Strategy Page a Simple Wiki

Love the product, but Strategy is an eyesore.  Currently, the BIG circle of circles takes up too much space and is not very useful.  I'd like to be able to just have a wiki where I can post a summary of the product strategy.  Let me customize the sections and post my own image or PPT slide at the top.  

This should be an easy change.  To be honest, most people start at the strategy page, and it's the least useful part of the product.  Not that strategy isn't important, but I don't need a software tool to formulate it, just a flexible platform to communicate it.  



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  • Ross Reynolds (External)
    May 1, 2015

    Thanks Danny.  I think I didn't position this idea well.  It's not about having a wiki as much as hiding the graphic that doesn't communicate our strategy well.  

    The real issue with the strategy page is that the circle of circles pushes all the substantive content way below the fold, and the circles are too small to contain any significant information.  

    It would be great if we could communicate our strategy by either 

    1) Hiding the big circle of circles and replacing it with our own graphic

    2) Replacing the circle of circles with simple bullets

    3) Hiding it all together and letting the sections communicate our strategy

    Just my 2 cents.  It's the one feature of the product that everyone keeps joking about here because you can't do much with those little circles.  

    We'll use the Notes page, though-- great feature.  



  • Danny Archer
    Apr 30, 2015

    Hi Ross,

    If you are looking to create wiki pages to capture your strategy you can do that through Product -> Notes. Notes allow you to create wiki pages for unstructured data within Aha! :

    The Strategy -> Goals & Initiatives are two very important data objects within Aha! The value of having it within Aha! is that by defining your goals and initiatives you can tie your features and releases back to them and in doing so add the why reasoning behind the roadmaps you create in Aha!

    If you would prefer to define strategy through a wiki that is fine, that is why we have the notes page. However, the majority of our customers use the strategy components extensively so they are not something that will be removed.