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View/edit Feature rank in Initiative view

Today on the Initiatives page, when you click on an Initiative to see its Features, the Features are listed alphabetically. It would be better if they were shown in Feature Rank order to easily confirm the prioritization of Features for an Initiat...
Guest about 8 years ago in Strategy 3 Shipped

Strategy -> Initiatives and goals filter improvements

Instead of having just two categories of All and In Progress why not have: All In Progress Not Started Completed Abandoned Currently, if one wants to add a bunch of initiatives that will not be started for months, they are listed right a...
Suzanne Vaughan over 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Add "Initiative Rank" field as a reporting data object

With the enhancement of being able to change the sequence in which initiatives are displayed in the Strategy -> Initiative page, there is the opportunity to force rank/prioritize initiatives based on their sort order. Just as the sort order of ...
Matt Case over 8 years ago in Strategy 2 Shipped

Roadmap view for initiatives

I would like to see the initiatives on a roadmap view and see how much of each initiative is complete. By a roadmap view I mean something graphical that shows initiatives on a timeline view and percentage complete for each initiative.
Tamer Sabry almost 9 years ago in Strategy 4 Shipped

Ability to create a new initiative from the goal detail page

From the goal detail page, can we add an enhancement to have the ability to add a new initiative from this page similar to have the ability to add a new comment or to-do instead of toggling over to add a new initiative then roll up?
Marina Reyna over 5 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Improve Initiatives page

Most of my work starts by creating initiatives using the Strategy/Initiatives page. Unfortunately, I find this page not very user-friendly. First, I manage a long list of initiatives, from which I can see only the top 7-8 at first glance and witho...
Zvika Moretzky over 6 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Initiatives dashboard: Please add "initiative status pipeline mode"

It would be a great feature to be able to display initiatives in status pipeline, not in effort/value matrix (which also beneficial). There are two "modes" of using page:https://<company><produc>/initiatives - for plan...
Guest about 8 years ago in Product / Strategy 4 Shipped

Make it possible to enter and track OKRs in Aha!

Objectives and Key Results are a form goal setting templates that are very effective to get the whole company in line with the most important goals and to become more data driven. see this for an overivew. I would like to be able to enter Goals ...
Guest over 8 years ago in Strategy 1 Shipped

Bulk import for key results

Who would benefit? Everyone tracking OKRs in Aha! Roadmaps What impact would it make? Make it easier to get started How should it work? Add support for bulk import for key results Update goals CSV importer so that you can bulk import/update key re...
Nathaniel Collum 3 months ago in Strategy 0 Shipped

Aha! Initiative Tracking Number

This will help our users a way to have a tracking number added to the initiatives in Aha! so that we have a better way of identification and searching?
Marina Reyna over 5 years ago in Strategy 5 Shipped