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Add Capacity Planning to Master Release

Ability to define capacity at a master release level to allow capacity planning for teams working across products within a release cycle.
Danny Archer over 5 years ago in  4 Future consideration

Set capacity per team per release

Capacity for teams is currently available to set up at a 'global' level - number of hours per day per week.It would be helpful for teams that are planning releases with multiple teams, to be able to set a capacity for each team per release. Once t...
Madeleine Black 6 months ago in Releases 2 Future consideration

Configure AHA! to support GSuite - sheets, slides, docs, etc.

We are a company that uses GSuite, this would allow us to pull data into our collaborative space and manipulate reports to personalize further than what AHA! current allows. Currently the inability to use AHA with GSuite causes delays and setbacks...
Shawna Wilson 2 months ago in Integrations 0 Future consideration

SSO: Keep email and password authentication login for sys admins as fallback

Allow admins to login outside of SSO for any issues that may arise
Guest 7 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Complete by date (internal) should have an option to be set by the end date range in an initiative

I manage over 50 release dates in my workspace and we are not a Product team so we don't have an internal or external date of a release. When the release is done, it's done.Every week I have to review the release in the Gantt chart to make sure th...
Olivia Quakenbush 7 days ago in Application 0 Future consideration

Ghost users

Be able to assign workstreams to ghost users to help visualise resource levelling, without having to use real users with real email addresses. Hansoft does this.
Guest 7 days ago in  0 Future consideration

Add Note to library

Would be helpful to add a note to your roadmap library. For example, I have some reference notes for one of our roadmap that I would like to keep in the same folder as the saved roadmap itself.
Dinesh Samtani 7 days ago in Notes 0 Future consideration

treat competitor recent news like comments widget

The recent news field is just a notes type field. this does not work very well for tracking multiple news instances for a competitor over time. we currently repurposed the comments tab to track instances when a competitor is in the news. this w...
Joe Granville 7 days ago in Strategy 0 Future consideration

Overview Page: Persisitent change to show Description section

As a PM of a new organization, I need the Product Line/Workspace Overview pages to show the full Description section so that our new Teams can easily find information between Work spaces.Suggested "quick" fix, is to allow the user (or admin) chang...
Pamela Thomas 28 days ago in Application 1 Already exists

Add Benefits Map/Success Map as a Product strategy model

We use Benefit Maps to help plan out work and recieve Business approval. The content of the map is all on Aha such as Company goals, initiatives, and often features. The latter two typically come through the our Ideas portal. It would be beneficia...
David Goodman 28 days ago in Reports 2 Future consideration