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Status Future consideration
Categories Strategy
Created by Maria Plotkina
Created on Feb 22, 2024

Allow adding Goal info to Initiatives prioritization page

Who would benefit?

Anyone who links Goals to Initiatives and would like to visualize that context when utilizing the Initiatives prioritization page.

What impact would it make?

This would make it easier to identify Initiatives associated with a specific objective or strategy, which may impact their priority.

How should it work?

When adding a column to this page, give the option to select "Goal" under "Add records related to initiative" in the record hierarchy.

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  • Melissa Southern
    Feb 23, 2024

    We have tagged all our initiatives with their related Strategic or Execution Imperative for 2024. Not all initiatives are tied to an imperative, so that certainly contributes to how they are prioritized. Being able to see the goal on the prioritization view would be helpful both for the act of prioritization and a gut check/reminder for viewers once priorities have been set.

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