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Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas portal
Created by Victor Herrera
Created on Apr 10, 2024

Reward ideas portal interactions

What is the challenge?

Currently, it's a challenge for single users to interact with ideas Portals because they think that one vote or idea might not be impactful or consider by the portal owner, and although the previous statement is partially true, it's key for idea collectors that users understand that their contribution is valuable because it can represent not only their individuals need but rather be present across multiple customers.

What is the impact?

Increase interaction and engagement with Ideas Portal

Describe your idea

Recently, I interact with another software idea portal and while interacting I start receiving badges (recognition) for what I was doing and even receive an email with the summary of the badges I got (see attachment), this motivated me to create new ideas and search for existing Ideas I could vote for. In our case, for example, have users that every week create ideas (although 2 of 10 of their ideas are planned), but somehow, this should be visible and recognize to them automatically by the portal.

It could be an option in the Portal settings (in case, there are Aha! customers who don't like it)

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