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Create and add another feature

When I'm writing down a number of features in a row I wish I could create one feature after another, staying in the feature creation dialog without having to go to the feature detail page in between.
Guest about 7 years ago in  2 Already exists

Allow portal users to reply to idea submission confirmation emails

Allow users to reply to the confirmation email sent after submitting a new idea to the ideas portal. Today users can respond to other idea notification emails to add a comment to the ideas, but the initial confirmation email does not follow that b...
Austin Merritt 3 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Automation rule builder should let me pick statuses in any workspace

Automation rules let you set the status on related records. The related records could be in any workspace.Currently, the rule builder only lets you select a new status from the current workspace's workflow. But the workspace of the related records...
Kelly Sebes 4 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Add support for Jira transition webhooks

Jira has two kinds of webhooks:Event webhooks that are triggered when a Jira event happens, for example an issue is updated. This is supported by the Aha! Jira integrationTransition webhooks that are triggered when a Jira issue changes status. Thi...
Guest 5 months ago in Jira 0 Future consideration

"Select/Deselect All" Feature in Filter Lists

Nevermind, i just found that this feature exists.
Sharon D 5 months ago in Reports 0 Already exists

Show workspace prefixes in the permissions modal

As an admin with a lot of workspaces, it can be difficult to know which workspace(s) to grant access to without the workspace prefix visible in the permissions table. Please add the ability to view and/or filter by the prefix.
Kelly Sebes 6 months ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration

Custom Top bar w/ reports overview

Today it isn't clear why you go to "roadmaps" to find the reports overview. I would want this overview as a button directly accessible from the top bar but that level of customization isn't appearing possible
Guest 6 months ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Provide more data formatting options in equations

When using the dateformat function, it would be nice to have more documented options for the data format. For example, there is an undocumented ā€œDā€ option in the formula that returns the day of the week 1-7.If there are specific date formats that ...
Austin Merritt 10 months ago in  0 Future consideration

Bulk Delete for files , and don't default to ADO integration - Attachments

Whoops. I accidentally set up the ADO integration to include attachments, and now I've got hundreds of ADO development files in my beautiful AHA portal "Workspace Files" section.I've now switched off the attachment synchronization, but left with ...
Guest 12 months ago in Azure DevOps Services and Server 0 Future consideration

Add ability to vote on ideas on behalf of Aha! users via API

In some situations you need to associate votes on ideas submitted via the API to an Aha! user, so that vote restrictions on idea portals are handled properly (for example, total number of votes per user). Right now, when submitting a vote via the ...
Austin Merritt over 1 year ago in  0 Future consideration