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API support to get all votes by date

Currently the API for votes can only return data one idea at a time. It would be much more efficient if I could retrieve all votes for all ideas based on the vote date.
Kelly Sebes 4 months ago in API / Ideas 0 Shipped

API support for responding to portal private comment threads

After the recent release of private idea portal comments, please also make the ability to respond to private idea portal comments available to the API Users with customized integrations leveraging the API need this to fully engage with this feature
Jeanette Resnikoff 7 months ago in API / Ideas 0 Shipped

Mark an idea as spam via the API

We do some extensive NLP on the ideas our company receives and as a result of this we can identify Spam in a way that can supplement the Aha spam filters. We'd like to programatically 1) see what ideas were registered as spam against a specific pr...
Nigel Lawrence almost 2 years ago in API 3 Shipped

Return organization ID in endorsement API

Hi, I'm making a custom Aha-Slack integration to get more useful notifications for proxy votes. Part of the custom Slack post is a link to view all ideas for the organization associated with the proxy vote. Unfortunately, the Endorsements API retu...
Jonathan Heron about 2 years ago in API 0 Shipped

Retrieve proxy vote (idea endorsement) description via API

Hi, There doesn't seem to be a way to get a description field on idea endorsements via the API. Am I missing something? We can achieve what we want by migrating all our existing descriptions to a new custom field, but that's a change we'd like to ...
Jonathan Heron about 2 years ago in API 0 Shipped