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Created by Nigel Lawrence
Created on Nov 8, 2021

Mark an idea as spam via the API

We do some extensive NLP on the ideas our company receives and as a result of this we can identify Spam in a way that can supplement the Aha spam filters.
We'd like to programatically
1) see what ideas were registered as spam against a specific product workspace
2) see whether a given idea was marked as spam
3) update ideas as Spam
via the Aha API which is not possible by published means today.

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  • Barry Paul
    Jan 10, 2022

    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for your message, it looks like there was an error when updating the API docs. The Idea Comments endpoint docs are correct but the Ideas endpoint documentation have not been updated.

    For Idea Comments you can now list just spam comments with the spam=true param and you can mark comments as spam:

    Similarly on the Idea side you already were able to use the spam=true param and we have added a boolean attribute called spam to the update method so you can mark ideas as spam. This is not reflected in the documentation but I will get them updated today.

  • Nigel Lawrence
    Jan 10, 2022


    Unless I'm mistaken the docs like haven't been updated
    in this regard... can you comment on exactly what has been delivered?

  • Nigel Lawrence
    Nov 19, 2021

    I note that (1) above is possible via the API today with the use of 'spame=true' as a filter.
    (2) and (3) are still needed as the ability to see and set the spam status on an arbitrary idea would enable enterprise teams to build automated solutions that nicely augement the inbuilt Aha spam filters by facilitating their training when a team receives a large body of spam ideas.