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Categories API
Created by Jonathan Heron
Created on Sep 15, 2021

Return organization ID in endorsement API


I'm making a custom Aha-Slack integration to get more useful notifications for proxy votes.

Part of the custom Slack post is a link to view all ideas for the organization associated with the proxy vote.

Unfortunately, the Endorsements API returns Organization name but not Organization ID, or a URL. And so to generate a deep-link URL to the organization…

…I need to call the organization list API… loop through the paginated API response to find an organization whose name matches the name on the proxy vote, and then get the ID for that org.

I'd much rather get the ID from the endorsement API to save the extra logic and API calls.


Trying to paginate through the Organization list API isn't an acceptable workaround for us due to Rate Limiting. I tried the pagination approach but we have thousands of organizations so this ends up being really slow.

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