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Created on Mar 1, 2023

Need REST API to list team members (capacity planning)

We’re using capacity planning in and defined our teams and team members (users) there. Vast majority of the users (engineers) are Virtual Users (they do not need to access, we used them only for planning purposes). I’ve tried to use your REST API v1 (to automate some reports), and observed behavior that does not seem to align with the web app:

* Endpoint api/v1/teams?page=1&per_page=100 retrieves the teams, but w/o information about team members (only the 'team_members_count' is available)

* Endpoint api/v1/users?page=1&per_page=100 retrieves the users, but not virtual users and w/o information about teams

* There does not seem to be any endpoint that would retrieve mapping of team/team_member (user) and neither one that would retrieve virtual users.

It'd be beneficial to:

  • enrich the 'teams' endpoint and include all team member names/IDs

  • enrich the 'users' endpoint and include virtual users (with distinction that user is virtual)

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