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Allow records from multiple workspaces in a User Story Map

Who would benefit? What impact would it make? Right now, we can only use epics and features from one workspace in a given user story map, but because we often have multiple workspaces collaborating on a larger project, we can't leverage the user s...
Taylor Horrocks 1 day ago in User story map 0

Show related Aha entries on the Persona record

Who would benefit? Product Managers thinking about their persona and updating the record What impact would it make? Allow the PM to quickly navigate from the person to, say, the theme or overarching initiative. Currently you can only navigate the ...
Reece H 10 days ago in User story map 1 Future consideration

Creating and Associating multiple epics with step in Features -> User Story Mapping

Who would benefit? Product planners What impact would it make? save so much time having to drag and drop and rearrange as you scale out/add detail to your user story maps How should it work? In user story mapping practice, you usually create the s...
Guest 9 days ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Integrate with Miro

Hi, would you consider integration with Miro, formerly RealTime Board? This is a great diagraming app, and has a good Jira integration which I was going to use in a convoluted way by pushing from Jira to Aha to get visibility back in Aha. In reali...
Guest over 4 years ago in User story map / Wanted 10 Future consideration

Allow User Story Maps to Span more than one product

User Story maps should be able to show Master Features and Features from multiple products. We have complex products that have to work together in order to deliver usable solutions. Any step that the user does (install, configure, receive certain ...
Julia Doyle over 4 years ago in User story map 11 Future consideration

User Story Mapping for Features/Requirements

Admins should have the ability to chose which records are in the User Story Mapping. We structure Aha! so that User Stories are at the Requirement Level so it makes sense for us to view as Features/Requirements We don't use Master Features &am...
Guest over 4 years ago in User story map 14 Future consideration

User story map card configuration

The new User Story Map functionality is really good and we've started using it for some cases. What would be really useful is to be able to configure the cards in the say way we can on the feature boards. This would allow a user to select the diff...
John Biltcliffe over 4 years ago in User story map 4 Future consideration

Create a "draft" version of the user story map before creating real records

I really like the new user story map feature! Something that would make it even better for me would be to remove the functionality where it automatically creates master features and features for everything added to the user story map. Early in the...
Todd Meyer over 4 years ago in User story map 8 Future consideration

More flexibile hierarchy with story mapping

Who would benefit? All user What impact would it make? For Aha: Increase value proposition for Aha relative to other tools like whiteboarding tools and Atlassian Confluence For Aha customers: Better alignment with customers unique requirement mode...
Kole Hainz about 2 months ago in User story map 1 Future consideration

User Story Map - add as an option in reporting

as a user, I want to be able to include the story map (Name, Description and Step, step sequence) to any report and report type, so that I can group my reporting by the story map information.
Steve Podzamsky over 4 years ago in User story map 5 Future consideration