Create a "draft" version of the user story map before creating real records

I really like the new user story map feature! Something that would make it even better for me would be to remove the functionality where it automatically creates master features and features for everything added to the user story map.

Early in the ideation/definition process many of these ideas are essentially just notes (i.e. post-its) and may end up unused or combined later into something else entirely. As it works now, it creates a trail of orphaned features in the parking lot that have to be then manually cleaned up later - and which are not distinguishable from other items in the parking lot.

Instead, I would like to promote things in the user story map to features/MF's when I'm ready to put them in the backlog. It could also create the records automatically if they are put into a release.

  • Todd Meyer
  • Jul 11 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Brian Hanrahan commented
    18 Jul 12:31

    Agree with this.

    I'd like story map cards to be independent, or linked to an Idea prior to being promoted to features so that the backlog isn't cluttered with items that haven't reached sufficient priority.

    Story maps are a useful way to sort and prioritize ideas (in addition to your excellent score cards), which often results in discarding or indefinitely delaying stories. I prefer not to clutter up the backlog with items that would never reach dev.
    1. idea achieves popularity
    2. map idea into its functional area among other ideas and features to assist prioritization in broader context
    3. promote to a feature targeted for a release

  • Kelly Tweddell commented
    24 Jul 17:36

    I agree with Todd & Brian - I expected this to be similar to how I can choose when to sync an feature to Jira. I wanted to use this to get ideas out and make a rough plan for releases before I started working on the specifics on each card. 

  • Allison Lanager commented
    30 Jul 14:22

    Agreed - I really like the brainstorming capability of a user story mapping exercise, but part of the goal in user story mapping is to decide what to do and what to set aside possibly forever.  Automatically creating the items leads to a lot of clutter I need to clean up, which has led me to not really using the feature.

    I'm excited to see more growth in this area, though.  I'd love to meet with a team and walk them through a story map, have them get input on what's realistic or how to make adjustments, we agree together, and then say 'go' and it gets slotted into the releases.

  • Guest commented
    06 Aug 17:03

    This is a struggle for our team as well. I had lots of clean up during testing and it messed up a couple of my roadmaps/releases I had to fix not completely aware of all the BE changes it was making. I concur a draft version would be great! 

  • Blake Bohacek commented
    07 Aug 17:30

    Totally agree with this! Super frustrated when we were using the Story Mapping feature just simply trying to break down a new feature. We spent a LOT of time throwing ideas at the board and didn't let a single idea go un-documented. However, we quickly found that those "Ideas" quickly made our boards hard to use and required us to go in and delete all the ideas that did not make the MVP or any of the iterations that would come shortly after the MVP. 


    Would love to see this feature to allow us to throw ideas out at the user story level and decide if/when we want to make them a feature.