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User Story Mapping

I would like to be able to have a user story mapping tool added to aha. This is useful in that it enables us to see what a priority of a release would be and what is a minimum viable product versus what would be added to a later sprint. This would...
Sarah Burgess over 5 years ago in User story map / Features 42 Shipped

Allow User Story Maps to Span more than one product

User Story maps should be able to show Master Features and Features from multiple products. We have complex products that have to work together in order to deliver usable solutions. Any step that the user does (install, configure, receive certain ...
Julia Doyle over 1 year ago in User story map 4 Future consideration

User Story Mapping for Features/Requirements

Admins should have the ability to chose which records are in the User Story Mapping. We structure Aha! so that User Stories are at the Requirement Level so it makes sense for us to view as Features/Requirements We don't use Master Features &am...
Robyn Diamond over 1 year ago in User story map 10 Future consideration

Create a "draft" version of the user story map before creating real records

I really like the new user story map feature! Something that would make it even better for me would be to remove the functionality where it automatically creates master features and features for everything added to the user story map.Early in the ...
Todd Meyer over 1 year ago in User story map 6 Future consideration

User story map card configuration

The new User Story Map functionality is really good and we've started using it for some cases. What would be really useful is to be able to configure the cards in the say way we can on the feature boards. This would allow a user to select the di...
John Biltcliffe over 1 year ago in User story map 1 Future consideration

User Story Map improvements - share as webpage

I use the story map as my main form of planning for sprints. It would be great if the story map view had some of the features other screens have, such as:Web view (for sharing)Progress visibleCustomisable cards
Guest 6 months ago in User story map 3 Future consideration

Add Release Phases to User Story Maps

Our teams have been leveraging Phases heavily & they are important milestones in the User Journey... Would be exceedingly helpful if you could also visualize the Phases within a Release (cascading similar to Gantt).
Robyn Diamond 5 months ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

Integrate with Miro

Hi, would you consider integration with Miro, formerly RealTime Board? This is a great diagraming app, and has a good Jira integration which I was going to use in a convoluted way by pushing from Jira to Aha to get visibility back in Aha. In rea...
A Bp about 1 year ago in User story map / Wanted 2 Unlikely to implement

User story map: When dragging a Step left/right on the board, all of its children features should move with it

When dragging a Step left/right on the board, all of its children features should move with it.
Guest over 1 year ago in User story map 0 Future consideration

To be able to easily move the features upwards in the User Story Map

When I work with the User Story Map (great tool by the way), I sometimes make mistakes. When that happens all my features ger scattered out in map height wise. Then it is a REALLY tedious work to collect them at the top level. There should be a ...
Guest about 1 year ago in User story map 2 Future consideration