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User story map

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User Story Mapping

I would like to be able to have a user story mapping tool added to aha. This is useful in that it enables us to see what a priority of a release would be and what is a minimum viable product versus what would be added to a later sprint. This would...
Guest about 9 years ago in Features / User story map 42 Shipped

Need the ability to apply an updated Release Template to an existing release

Currently, the Release Template for Phases and Milestones only applies to new releases created and there is no way to apply a Release Template to an existing release, or to update an existing release with a new/updated Release Template. This would...
cheryl fetchko over 8 years ago in Releases / User story map 24 Shipped

ability to move releases up and down in user story maps

In user story maps, I want to be able to add are release, and then be able to drag it up and down to change its sequence
Guest about 5 years ago in User story map 3 Shipped

Dont show Master Features in User Story Maps

Do not show master features in user story maps when I have those disabled on my product. It confuses my users and takes up way too much real estate.
Guest about 5 years ago in User story map 3 Shipped

User story map: be able to add more Master Features to a Step without having to first add a column

You can only seem to add multiple Master Features for the Step on the rightmost Step. Currently, a user needs to first add a new column before being able to add a Master Feature to a Step.
Craig P about 5 years ago in User story map 0 Shipped

Drop deleted releases from user story maps

When a release is deleted, it should automatically fall off the user story map. Today, the ghost of the release stays on the map and has to be explicitly deleted.
Tom Beck about 5 years ago in User story map 1 Shipped

User Story Map - Display release order by release date

The order in which the releases are displayed in the list user story map is not intuitive. Ideally it would be by the release date. (Note: its not obvious what the current order is, possibly the order in which the release was added to the map.)
Darrell Massie almost 5 years ago in User story map 0 Shipped

give warning before moving features to a new release

I added a release to a user story map, and moved around my features into the columns. I a clumsy attempt to add in an existing release, I clicked the floating "add release" button, and it moved all of my features to the new, undefined release. no ...
Guest about 5 years ago in User story map 0 Shipped