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Have users in Jira and Aha matched for comments, updates etc

I realise this is not Aha's fault, but if we put the issue here with more info, users will be more likely to go to Jira to vote for the issue there. Currently whenever someone comments on an issue in Jira, in appears in Aha as a comment from the ...
Guest over 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications / Jira 1 Unlikely to implement

Global Management of Notifications

Currently it appears as though Aha allows individual users to manage notifications, or for an admin to manage notification on behalf of an individual. What's missing is the ability to manage and administer notifications at a global level. For exam...
Guest about 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 13 Unlikely to implement

Upvoting comments in aha

Sometimes I feel that I really like someone's idea that was written in a comment and I don't want write needless support comments, such us "Good idea, John!". It would be nice to upvote comments in discussion.
Guest over 9 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Unlikely to implement

Comment fields: Any one with contributor status should be able to update the comments field and should be ordered newest to oldest

The comments field is used by several people to comment on status, updates, questions etc. Contributors should be able to add update comments started by other people to keep the thought thread together. Also, they should have a sort order provided...
Guest about 4 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement

Allow for developer notes/private comments in Feature Cards; only viewed by owners and those working the feature cards

There are conversations our team would like to contain with in a Feature Cards that are only viewed by our team members.
Carolee Snarr almost 4 years ago in Comments / Notifications / Features 1 Unlikely to implement

Field Level Notifications

As a Product Owner I want to know when a label has been added to the release object. OR As a Technical Writer, I want to know when a feature has needs documentation. Currently, I can make myself a watcher on nearly every Aha! object. However, T...
Jerrold Emery over 5 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement

Notifications based on a specific status

We would like the ability to customize our notifications based on transitioning a Feature to a specific status. During the course of our Feature refinement, our Features are passed between various roles e.g. Product Manager > Architect > ...
Luke Hanson almost 5 years ago in Comments / Notifications 1 Unlikely to implement

Guidance or a button in email notification on possible actions (e.g. "completed", "delayed", "extend timeline".)

Provide explicit guidance/options (e.g. a button) in email notices to respond "completed", "delayed", "extend timeline". I this functionality is built in but not clear anywhere in the notices that are sent out.
Guest about 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement

Configuring Email Notifications for Non-Idea Portal Notifications

There appears to be configuration settings to "white label" the email notification settings in the Ideas Portal setup pages. It would be great to also have this feature available for general email notifications for either the weekly, daily and ins...
Guest almost 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 0 Unlikely to implement

Update notification format/layout

The notifications are really difficult to view / quickly understand what's happened in each one - the highlighting within the notification doesn't really help much when there is so much other information included in the notification body too. It w...
Guest over 7 years ago in Comments / Notifications 2 Unlikely to implement