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Additional documentation around removing an Idea Portal Custom Domain

While there is documentation on adding a new Custom Domain for an Ideas Portal, there is no information on how to actually remove one once it has been created.
Lori Anderson 3 days ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Submit button is not visible on your idea form

I was just adding an idea to using Safari and I had to use developer tools to reveal your hidden submit button.
Guest almost 4 years ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Ability to change terminology in ideas portal for remaining labels: "Recent", "Trending", "Popular", "Sign Out"

The ability to change the terminology used on the ideas portal is really powerful but I would like the ability to modify a few remaining labels. This will help for further personalisation or even when changing the text labels to a different langua...
Justin Woods over 4 years ago in Branding 2 Shipped

Ability to modify Ideas Portal email invitation template

I would like to be able to modify the Ideas Portal's initial "You've been invited..." email in the same way that I can modify all other emails that the Ideas Portal sends to my users. I would also like the ability to modify the "from" address to r...
Cathy Sherwin over 4 years ago in Branding 4 Shipped

Ability to change text on the Voting Button

We would like the option to have it say "Helpful" for example.
Greg Demchak about 5 years ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Custom Favicon

Would be really nice to be able to add a custom favicon to our ideas portal, so that it matches our other sites and branding. We have done this ourselves with our customer apps, and it was fairly straight forward and very well received by our cust...
Richard Harrison almost 6 years ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Ability to customize branding, message and "from" field for email notifications from Idea portal

I've setup my ideas email ( so that customers can submit product ideas. Unfortunately, the email confirmations and updates from the idea portal do not have my branding. I would like to be able to customize these notificatio...
Guest about 6 years ago in Branding / Ideas portal 15 Shipped