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Remove Aha branding

Please remove Aha branding from the widgets
Vadim Solovey about 1 month ago in Branding 0 Future consideration

Ideas portal: remove Aha branding when "something went wrong"

TL;DR: if an ideas site has a custom logo, please make the error page as generic as possible with no Aha branding. Bonus points: use our logo for the error page, but don't ask people to contact us!Details: our various Aha-powered Ideas portals wer...
Brian Trombley 2 months ago in Branding 0 Likely to implement

Additional documentation around removing an Idea Portal Custom Domain

While there is documentation on adding a new Custom Domain for an Ideas Portal, there is no information on how to actually remove one once it has been created.
Lori Anderson 8 months ago in Branding 0 Shipped

Embed Ideas portal in Sharepoint

Sharepoint doesn't support script tags for embedding, only standard iframes. Please add this feature as most of our stakeholders/customers use Sharepoint.
Armen S 8 months ago in Branding 0 Future consideration

"Branding" integration with Frontify

Brand Manager is key for any Product , especially Software
Guest 9 months ago in Branding 0 Future consideration

Provide access to settings values for use in custom headers

In cases where a Custom Header is required, items like Title, Portal URL, logo, etc., still need to be displayed. Providing access to these values, much the way is done in the email settings, for use in custom headers would allow the customization...
Guest about 1 year ago in Branding 0 Future consideration

Ability to preview portal while making custom brand changes.

Today you can't have a new tab open that allows you the preview the idea portal while working on it.
Guest about 1 year ago in Branding 2 Future consideration

Outlook-friendly emails from the Idea Portal

Most of our clients use MS Outlook as their standard email client. We've noticed that the HTML generated for the Idea Portal email notifications is not Outlook-friendly. Specifically, the body of the email is all centered in the page, making it ...
Manny Ju over 1 year ago in Branding 1 Future consideration

Allow hiding idea portal logo in emails

Sometimes you do not want the idea portal logo to show at the top of the emails that users receive. Allow an option to hide the logo so that it will not be included in the email
Guest over 1 year ago in Branding 0 Future consideration

Allow Full Customization of Email Template

As I lead design + product at my company, I'd love to be able to have full control over the contents of the email templates that are sent via Aha. Currently the content is injected into what seems to be a pre-existing template and the large logo i...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Branding 4 Future consideration