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Ability to customize Slack notifications

It should be possible to choose only few types of messages which should be sent to Slack (via Slack integrations). Right now every action in Aha! is creating a notification, it creates a lot of noise.
Guest over 9 years ago in Slack 17 Shipped

Submit ideas through Slack integration

Quick ideas could be pushed to Aha! from a slack channel. Aha! should be able to map the idea to a product based on the originating channel
Guest about 8 years ago in Ideas / Slack 4 Shipped

Slack integration - allow Aha! Reviewers to create ideas

In the new outbound slack integration Reviewers can add ideas in Aha! but cannot via slack right now. Please could you add the ability for Reviewers to add ideas via slack like they can in Aha!
Guest about 6 years ago in Slack 3 Shipped

Enable (via article/enhancement or both) custom Slack / commands to submit data two-way

Slack supports the configuration of custom "/" commands. It would be an interesting way to submit data if we could instruct or enhance such that you could (as an example) do: /ahafeature <data> to submit a feature directly from a Slack cha...
Donna Sawyer almost 8 years ago in Slack 0 Shipped