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Update Total Votes count logic on research tab when ideas are merged

What is the challenge? When multiple ideas are promoted or linked to the same record, the Total Votes count reflects a sum of all votes across those ideas. The challenge is that if one of those ideas is merged into the other, then the Total Votes ...
Justin Waldorf 2 months ago in Ideas / Voting 0 Shipped

Support filtering to reports on idea portals without publishing the report as a shared web page

Who would benefit? Field organizations using internal idea portals to submit proxy votes on behalf of customers and reviewing customer enhancement requests by organizations in reports published to idea portal pages. What impact would it make? The ...
Guest 5 months ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Email comments to the idea creator if they are an Aha! user

Who would benefit? Submit only portal users, all portal admins What impact would it make? communications How should it work? 1 - I wanted to circle back on the comment feature. The issue is not that the comment option is not there, rather that I c...
Guest 6 months ago in Ideas portal 2 Shipped

Allow admins control which portal portal ideas are created in through the Zendesk integration

Currently there does not seem to be logic to send a zendesk created idea to a specific portal within a workspace. It would be very helpful if admins were able to configure the portal they want zendesk created ideas pointed towards.
Niall Gallagher about 1 year ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Ideas Portal - White list users within spam

We recently implemented the Ideas portal internally and externally. Every day since, are getting many internal user Ideas getting flagged as spam. It would be beneficial to have the ability to white list users, so their Ideas will not continue to ...
David Langley about 1 year ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Make a visible to all in organization for ideas portal

We'd like to use an Ideas portal for for our customer support requests. Our blocker right now is that there is no option to make ideas visible to only people within the org. None of the other options work for us. We need to have all the contact wi...
Jason LaCarrubba over 1 year ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Ability to view history / audit trail for Idea Portal configuration

Need to be able to see an audit trail / history of changes made to configuration of ideas portals. Would like to be able to do this from the ideas portal config itself. E.g. For Product A Ideas Portal, in config, choose Edit, and then from the con...
Julie Edwards over 1 year ago in Ideas portal 1 Shipped

Add Notes to Contacts / Organisations

Throughout the system you can link notes to other areas e.g. Features, Epics. It would be great if notes could also be linked to Contacts and Organisations. For example, we keep a record of cutomer interview snapshots as notes and would like to li...
Steph Reddington about 2 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Idea Portal Workspace List Sorting based on Terminology Category Aliases

The Idea Portal currently sorts workspaces based on the workspace name. The portal allows for a workspace name to have an alias in the portal setting by applying the alias in the Category section of Terminology. However, when applying an alias the...
Mousa Mitwasi about 2 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped

Have portal 'Thank You' email send out after idea created via API

We create ideas and register subscriptions for the idea against a specified portal via the AHA API. We do this as it allows us to inline the process of idea creation rather than have the user have to go out to a portal and insert an idea.In this w...
Nigel Lawrence about 2 years ago in Ideas portal 0 Shipped