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Release Progress Chart scope increase - view in report

The Progress Chart for a release can show features added to a release post development start date as a scope increase. These features appear on the chart in a pop out view when hovered over with the mouse and can be navigated to. This is neat...ho...
Andrew Buglass 6 months ago in Reports 0 Planning to implement

New charts sorting and ordering

The new charts are much worse than the old ones. I see very little positives vs the old method, you have tried to make something "easier to use" by taking away lots of features and nicer to look at - charts don't need this. the order makes no sens...
Guest over 2 years ago in Reports 2 Planning to implement

Ability to adjust the layout of labels in charts

Very often, when I try to create a chart with my data, I have many group labels which go one on top of another - leading to a mess. I would like to be able to manually adjust these labels.
Alexander Zakharov over 1 year ago in Reports 3 Planning to implement