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Maintain cycle time data when team workflow is changed

Currently if I select a new workflow for my team and map my statuses to new statuses, I lose all past cycle time data because cycle time only focuses on the current workflow being used. Instead, I would like to see historical data that coincides w...
Max Robbins 2 days ago in Reports 0

Make "Initiative quarter" field available for filters and calculations in reports

Initiative quarter is already available for display in reports, but I can't filter or use it in calculation columns. I have to create my own custom field and create my own calculations from "Initiative end date" in order to use what is already ava...
Jor Bratko 1 day ago in Reports 0

Allow delivery risks to be shown in webpage drill-in

When sharing reports with stakeholders outside of Aha!, it is often important for them to know if features are at risk. Currently, it is not possible to include the "Delivery risks" field in the webpage drill-in options. Please add this field to t...
Reilly O'Connor 7 days ago in Reports 0

Make viewing data in Aha! much easier and quicker, in less than 2 clicks

Users are really struggling with reports and roadmaps. They want to be able to find what they are looking for with just a couple of clicks and are overwhelmed with all the options presented to them under Roadmaps - as they have no idea what a pivo...
Deirdre Clarke 8 days ago in Reports 0

Allow reporting on capacity at the sprint level in Develop

It would be helpful to pull sprint capacity values into analytics reports to create ad-hoc views. Suggested values could include total capacity, starting estimate (estimate at the start of the sprint), assigned estimate (current value) and remaini...
Kristina Gass 14 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Stop automatically changing the width of pivot columns when filters are updated

Hi, this feels more like a bug than a feature request. I use a lot of Pivot views to help track features progression against related initiatives. This particular view gives a nice breakdown of features per quarter per initiative. In the attached i...
Guest 6 days ago in Reports 0

Provide formula access to the idea associated promoted item

I'm creating various reports and custom worksheets (Enterprise+), where I can get information from the Feature to the Idea which generated it (to be more precise the idea which was promoted to a feature). It would also be very helpful if somehow I...
Nicola Rolando 18 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Clear Multiple or All Ranked Records on Prioritization Report

Clear Multiple Ranked Records on Prioritization Report Requirement: Multiselect ranked records to remove from ranked area. Use Case: Multiple ranked records are shipped or moved to other workspaces or parking lot, and therefore should be removed f...
Hank Liu about 1 month ago in Reports 0 Future consideration

Have the copy link to share a report above the report name when it is open

Have the copy link to share a report above the report name when it is open (currently you have to click into the report name to access the copy link icon). Reduce clicks! Our team CONSTANTLY copies the link in the navigation bar, not understanding...
Emily Millman 8 days ago in Reports 0

Default settings for saving reports

It would be great to have default settings for saving reports. For example: the ability to assign reports to share internally with and into specific folders (as opposed to saving generally) by default. All reports created in workspace X would be s...
Emily Millman 8 days ago in Reports 0 Future consideration