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Allow Customizing Order of Options When Promoting an Idea

When assigning Idea/VoC via Promote button, I would like to see Promote to Feature/Project first.
Anna Polak 2 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Don't Show Features from other Workspaces

When assigning VoC from Workspace 1 to a Project (Promote to Project/Feature), I'd like: Not to see any projects from other Workspaces, unless I opt to see them
Anna Polak 2 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Group Idea Status by action required / no action required

On the Ideas Overview page, we would like to be able to group the idea statuses by action required / no action required e.g. action required on one side, no action required on the other side.
Julie Edwards 9 days ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration
254 VOTE

Allow me to mention users in my comments on the idea portal

Currently I'm able to mention users for private comments on features/ideas, however, I can't mention people publicly on the ideas portal. this would be a great feature to make sure the right conversations are happening with the right people about ...
Steven Kaplan over 6 years ago in Ideas / Ideas portal 37 Future consideration
198 VOTE

Create Scores based off Survey Input from the Ideas Portal (Game Changer Idea!)

I want to use surveys on the Ideas Portal to rank ideas and features. Ideally, I can create custom fields that submitters fill out that are used to score ideas, place them on the ideas chart, and rank features converted from those ideas. This woul...
Ross Reynolds (External) over 7 years ago in Ideas 18 Future consideration

The new UI of the Aha scorecard is truncating the numbers, can't see more than 4 digit

The current behavior for the entries on the scorecard is that up to 4 digits will be displayed, including any prefixes. the scorecard support entering more digits but the display is not showing them, basically a bug, but was asked to open an Idea.
Vered Yosub about 1 month ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Make templates available for Ideas

Other record types have the capability to set a template for the description. I would like to be able to do the same for the Idea record type.
Dale Crane 6 months ago in Ideas 3 Future consideration

Set public comments as the default view in new detail view redesign.

I've been using the new redesign for the past several days and I am overall finding it less efficient to access the data I need then before. One area that has been annoying and is requiring an extra click is that the comments tab of the ideas deta...
Jon Kremer almost 2 years ago in Ideas 13 Future consideration

Rank Ideas by Organization

One of the most powerful (and fun!) exercises I perform with my stakeholders is to interactively ask (or force) them to rank ideas. Whilst many ideas can have a "must have" status, no two ideas can be top of the list. Oftentimes, the final rating ...
Joe Buehlmeyer 5 months ago in Ideas 0 Future consideration

Automation - set field to the Same as the Idea Created by user

When adding an automation action to create a to do or approval for a feature, I can choose to set the to do or approval user to be the same as the created by user, however, I cannot do this on an Idea.
Stephen McAdams about 1 month ago in Ideas 3 Future consideration