Resource Assignment - from Aha! to GitHub

Both Aha! and Github Issues have the capability to assign items to an owner - but there is no synchronization between Aha! and Github Issues.

Ideally - within the GitHub integrations section - you could assign a Github name to every user - so when a feature, requirement, release is assigned to that person - and you send it to Github Issues - the right resource receives it. 

This eliminates the need for a project manager/ corresponding resource to comb through issues and assign them to the right person, as it has already been done in Aha!

  • Max Chanoch
  • Feb 24 2015
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  • Angie Pidde commented
    July 08, 2015 20:17

    It's confusing for our developers when I sync a feature from aha into GitHub and it tags the creator as my PM who synced the integration.  

  • Maria Plotkina commented
    12 Jun 19:26

    Adding to this, I would also love to see the reverse - when a developer assigns themselves an item in GitHub, it updates to link their account on that item n Aha.

    Any chance this could appear in the roadmap soon? This is one of the last tedious manual things I'm doing between Aha and GitHub, and would be a huge timesaver.