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Status Future consideration
Categories GitHub
Created by Ankit Bapat
Created on May 9, 2024

Map github username with aha emails for github-aha integration assignees sync

What is the challenge?

aha-github assignees integration do not work

What is the impact?

cannot make use of the assignees sync in the integration

Describe your idea

In the Aha! Github integration the assignees are not getting synced. In Github we have kept our email ids private. Due to this the sync is not working. If we could map aha email ids with github usernames in the integration we do not have to make the github email ids public for the sync to work.

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Map GitHub username from Aha to GitHub instead of mapping on email address.

To remove the need to switch public emails in Github to match Aha!. Developers use personal email addresses all the time and an Aha! account is usually based on a business.
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