Support filtering in the API

The API pages the data it returns, and the pages are limited to a maximum of 200 records.  In scenarios where it isn't possible to programmatically iterate through the pages, such as reporting & (Power)BI, it would be incredibly useful to be able to pre-filter the data by any field, standard or otherwise.

For example, my business produces a 'delivery report' for each customer using PowerBI, that (amongst other things) includes all the Ideas created by a customer.  It would be great to be able to pull the data directly into PowerBI, filtered by customer, using the API, but we can't. 

We currently run an Aha Ideas report, export it into Excel, copy and paste the data into the PowerBI 'Ideas source' spreadsheet and then refresh the PowerBi dashboard.

It's not particularly efficient.

This example applies only to Ideas but the filtering request applies equally to pretty much every type of data that can be queried via the API.

Equally, I'm happy to accept alternative ways of achieving the same thing :)

  • Daniel McGrath
  • Nov 23 2018
  • Future consideration
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