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Created on Jun 23, 2015

Improve API returned data on list endpoints

Here at Namely we have a Data Warehouse and a BI tool where we monitor all of our services. Thus, we would like to get the Aha features and ideas on a daily basis. 

However, the list api endpoints for features and ideas are very limited, they only return very basic data. 

We would like to be able to get either all fields for each idea, or a list of fields that get sent along the request.

That means, if i want to get all the ideas for the past month with the user that submitted it, and a custom field, i have to make a query to get all the ideas and then a query per individual idea.

I don't want to be rate limited (even though there are always ways of bypassing limits, we are paying customers and would like to have expanded data delivered via list endpoints.

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  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Jun 23, 2015

    The available field names are the same ones that are in the JSON response for the single feature endpoint. You can also use * to return all fields - however this is not recommended since it will significantly slow down your requests.

  • Guest
    Jun 23, 2015

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for your reply, i didnt find that in the documentation.

    Is there a way to list the available fields? Probably the api fieldnames differ from the UI displayed fields.

  • Admin
    Chris Waters
    Jun 23, 2015

    You can fetch more fields with the list endpoints by adding the fields= parameter to your request. You can pass a comma separated list of the fields that you would like to have returned. e.g.


    The fields parameter can be used with any API request, including those that return a list of features or ideas. It can also be useful with the individual feature endpoint to reduce the fields that are returned and improve performance.