Notebook enhanced security - client domains

Currently, notebook enhanced security allows three options:

  • Anyone with the secure URL can access
  • Only notebook single-sign-on users can access
  • Only Aha! users can access

 It would be nice to have additional option to control notebook access by specifying client domain. If the client is within predefined domain list, access would be allowed without any additional authentication (Aha! login or single sign-on).

 Access control via predefined domain list should be configurable per notebook, allowing PMs to publish different notebook to different groups of clients.

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  • Nov 16 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Rex Gooch commented
    November 16, 2018 15:44

    Notebooks provide an excellent reporting mechanism for providing status updates to senior management. However, senior management are often not users of Aha!. Allowing access via domain would alleviate this issue and give PMs the flexibility to leverage notebooks more heavily.