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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Nov 16, 2021

Shared presentation access controls, or nested presentations

I want to create a presentation to convey high level information about different groups working in Aha, and I want each group maintaining their section.

I want the content of this presentation to meet certain guidelines, for example:

  • a certain slide template (Maybe a 'project overview' slide, where there are certain prompts or expected information for them to populate. Maybe a slide with some areas they can edit, some which are locked. this is live brainstorming here, I don't know)

  • certain view expectations, recommendations, or required settings (maybe placeholder prompt, maybe a requirement for timeline scope, object relationships & hierarchy, visualization aspects like color or style)

  • minimum or maximum number of slides

  • Settings for things like live updates, additional fields in detail views, etc.

As the manager of the presentation, I want to create the sections, define the attributes, and assign to owners.

Ideally, they'd get notifications and reminders

May be a separate idea altogether, but an automated schedule of reminders to users related to certain persistent presentations or views could be nice. For example:

  • We could create an executive update overview presentation

  • We know this will be featured in a meeting on a quarterly basis

    • This is a key event for communicating IT progress to the larger business, so quality information and reconciliation of the details in the system is important

  • As a manager of the presentation, I can set an update reminder or recurring to-do in the system that will notify owners of presentation sections (or followers of the presentation) that it will be showcased at a certain time.

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